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We help SaaS, E-Commerce, and Healthcare startups measure and manage their funnel, customers, and revenue. Let us help you get the insights you need, to drive durable growth.

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Trusted by SaaS, E-Commerce, and Healthcare Startups

From day one, RDC has given us fresh insight into our customers and revenue and built the reporting we needed to drive growth. Within a month, we had real-time data on customer retention and recurring revenue. After 3 months, we gained complete visibility into our GTM performance for both PLG and Sales, facilitating quarterly planning. Over the past year, they've become a trusted partner to help us set strategy, identify growth opportunities, and stand up the people, process, and tools to go after them.
Anthony Doctolero
Founder & CEO
“RDC was the driving force in getting our customer funnel and revenue model in place. We'd been struggling on the analytics side for some time, and they helped us go from 0 to 1. The guidance and work provided by RDC accelerated our understanding by 6 months.”
Justin Peverini
Head of Finance
“RDC delivered new insight into member retention, gaps in our data structure and potential opportunities for future growth. They did this by reviewing our data setup and then analyzing complex customer and revenue data. They were able to deliver despite recent major pricing and plan changes.

Rahul and Kyle were easy to work with. Their approach was well organized and clearly communicated, making the experience enjoyable for our business, data, and engineering leaders.”

Rob Kenny
VP, Finance & Admin
Alpha Medical
The Problem

As Your Startup Has Grown, It's Harder to Measure & Manage

You don't trust
your data & reporting
You can't proactively manage growth
You can't reliably
forecast & plan
Our Solution

Core Startup Reporting

Our system of core reports and weekly GTM reviews allows you to understand business performance, identify problems or opportunities, and take necessary actions. It enables you to assess if you're on track for your goals, forecast and plan reliably, and increase growth systematically.
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Measure the components of revenue growth
Discover seasonality and trends
Reliably forecast growth
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Know when customers churn
Calculate LTV
Systematically improve retention and expansion

Ad Hoc &
Ongoing Support

We are a full stack GTM Analytics agency. In addition to our Core Startup Reporting package, we can help you with everything you need to stand up, manage, and get actionable insight from your GTM data and analytics.

We charge $250 per hour for ad hoc and ongoing support with a 10 hour minimum.

Analysis + Insights

Running weekly GTM reviews
Customer segmentation
Deep dive analysis

GTM Analytics

Product analytics
Marketing analytics
Event tracking

Data Operations

Warehouse and ETL for reporting
Data activation for GTM tools (Reverse ETL implementation)