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We help early stage SaaS startups accurately track their funnel, customers, and revenue. Together, we plan, build, and leverage the tools and reporting to accelerate your growth.

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We integrate your tools and train your team to measure, manage and grow revenue.

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Data you can trust to see funnel, customer, and revenue trends as they happen

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Process and tools to proactively grow revenue and prevent problems

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Reporting that just works, to more quickly learn, iterate and grow 

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Rahul was instrumental in deepening our understanding of our complex marketplace business. He drove automation of our core operating model and stood up reporting, which gave us insight into retention, margin, and other key business drivers.
Alex Hardy
Head of Strategy and Operations,
Payments at
“RDC delivered new insight into member retention, gaps in our data structure and potential opportunities for future growth. They did this by reviewing our data setup and then analyzing complex customer and revenue data. They were able to deliver despite recent major pricing and plan changes.

Rahul and Kyle were easy to work with. Their approach was well organized and clearly communicated, making the experience enjoyable for our business, data, and engineering leaders.”
Rob Kenny
VP, Finance & Admin,
Alpha Medical
Kyle is an expert in Growth and Revenue Operations and is my go-to resource whenever I'm tackling challenges related to either. His experience as a Full Stack Engineer combined with superb project management skills and business acumen make him a joy to work with.
Alka Tandon
Head of Product,
Enterprise at
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